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30-12-20 Congratulations to our Sea Tech honorary badges awarded for their many years of personal contribution to the development of the company. The golden sign was awarded to N.A. Korneichuk, I.I. Kotereva, N.A. Myzina. Silver - Bondarenko A.A, Ivanov V.Yu, Kournikov M.N.   Photo

17-11-20 The revised project 03830 of the passenger hydrofoil (M2020) has been submitted to the Russian River Register for consideration

14-09-20 The ceremony of signing the Acceptance Certificate for the T30B trawler took place. In the coming days, the vessel will head to Murmansk to prepare for fishing    

15-08-20 Implemented interior design project of the hovercraft's saloon   >>

European Product Design Award


29-07-20 Congratulations to our designers on the victory in the European Product Design Award with the presented design of Alfa120 Hydrofoil  (project 03830)


15-07-20 Sea Tech Design Studio designed the exterior of a new Crew Boat for a Singapore shipyard. He attracted the attention of a potential buyer of a series of ships and so the shipyard offered us to carry out a project for BV class and develop workshop drawings


30-06-20 Solving the problems of increasing the volume of work and lack of personnel, relying on the capabilities of the CADMATIC system in terms of distributed technologies, we opened a branch in Gorodets. The employees of the new department have experience in the CDB "Monolit", which allows us to confidently move to the market of reinforced concrete structures

28-05-20 A patrol boat of project 14961 in river execution was launched at the Vympel shipyard  

15-05-20 Congratulations to builders and designers on launching the project 50103 energy berth. Photo

01-05-20 Congratulations to Peter V. Ezhov CEO Sea Tech Ltd. on his jubilee

17-04-20 Live Interview with CEO of Sea Tech Ltd. Peter Ezhov for [RUS]  >>

Since March 30 we are on self-isolation, we work remotely

20-03-20 A cooperation agreement has been signed with our friends and partners of Belsudoproject OJSC. More

05-03-20 Article about Hysucats [RUS]

21-01-20 Presentation of the vessel of the project 03830 to the governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug on "Ugra-TV"

01-01-20 Happy New Year!  Card

30-12-19 Article about hydrofoil project 03830 [RUS]

28-12-19 The Russian River Register agreed on the workshop drawings of the base section of the hydrofoi project 03830

25-12-19 Our CAD/CAM users 2019

18-12-19 The assembly of the  ST350 hovercraft hull has begun. Photo

03-12-19 Sea Tech continues to improve the stylign and technical solutions of vessels of the Alpha Line [RUS]

25-11-19 A conceptual sketch of amending the exterior of the Mustai Karim vessel has been developed. Photo

20-11-19 Congratulations to everyone on the launch of the small trawler of the T30B project!  Photo

15-11-19 The classification project 03830 of the passenger hydrofoil (METEOR-120) has been submitted to the Russian River Register for consideration. The project was developed by Sea Tech Ltd.

15-10-19 Sea Tech visiting the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy  >>

Sept.25 Surgut (Russia) "Oil and Gas 2019". We invite you to visit the stend 53. We will show you Cadmatic Oy software products, the possibilities of their application in the ship design and more.  Photo

21-09-19 Sea Tech Ltd. took part in the XV International Maritim Exhibition - NEVA 2019. As a result of communication with colleagues from Russia and abroad, old partnerships were strengthened and new partnership and cooperation agreements were reached.  About... 

Sept.17-20 St.Peterburg (Russia) "NEVA-2019". We invite you to visit the exhibition stand 1288

12-07-20 Sea Tech Ltd. took part in the international industrial exhibition Innoprom-2019 as part of the Nizhny Novgorod delegation and presented a promising line of high-speed vessels -  more

July, 8-11. Ekaterinburg (Russia) On occasion of INNOPROM-2019, we hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our stall (1B5-130) at the exhibition

01-07-19 Sea Tech Birthday. Photo

04-06-19 We've gotten a thankful citation from our parners for developed pontoon ferrying system. That pontoons were used in tranporting another vessel with the lowest value of the navigable depth.  Photo

20-05-19 Update EBrus (longitudinal strength vessel calculation software) V2.0 was granted a certificate of approval by RRR 

20-04-19 The first article of the cycle on the book by A. Aleksanov, dedicated to the creation of ship surfaces  >>

24-03-19 Welcome to Sea Tech Inatagram  >>

01-01-19 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

13-12-18 Congratulations to the designers and shipyard workers with the launch of the new dry-cargo ship of Project  RSD32M (rus) 

13-11-18 The concept of a river bus (rus) for year-round operation on the Moscow River has been developed

05-11-18 Our Turkish partners and friends Naval Yachts company from Antalya completed the construction a new shipyard. The shipyard will be specialised for construction of new line of the ecological yacht (electric and hybrid) under GreeNaval trade mark

10-10-18 Sea Tech Design Bureau presented sketch studies of a new cruise passenger ship for Siberian rivers on a generalized technical specification of shipowners and shipping companies of the region.  Plans

25-09-18 The contract project of the maritime passenger hovercraft is completed and transferred to the customer - see proj. ST350 (rus)

30-08-18 Gorodets Shipyard (now PAO "SSK") celebrates its 100 years anniversary. Congratulations with all our hearts to our friends, colleagues and partners!  Photo

08-08-18 A design of novel 'Lobster' type sea-going boat for recreation and fishing is underway. Main particulars and exterior views are now available - plan

05-08-18 We present a consumer-grade motor yacht (proj. NS18Y, rus) converted from the series-built hydrographic boat project

01-07-18  20 Years Anniversary

18-06-18 P.V. Ezhov at live broadcasting on "Shipping on Volga" television (NNTV rus) >>

10-06-18 New VGUVT's structure department (Innovation Center) start up this year. The head of the new R&D structure became Petr Ezhov, head of the "Sea Tech Ltd." engineering company. About (rus)

22-05-18 Oka Shipyard laid keel of proj. RSD32M (rus) dry-cargo vessel. Detailed design was by a group of design bureaus (GCKB Rechflot, Profile, Marine Partners) elaborated under the supervision of Sea Tech Ltd.

03-05-18 Sea Tech Design Bureau commenced detailed design of RSD79 project bulk carriers

15-03-18 New opportunities of high-speed catamarans -see article (rus)

01-01-18 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

18-12-17 New CAD-CAM users of 2017 - see ref.

07-12-17 Sea Tech Ltd. presented its activity at meting of China business representatives with Nizhny Novgorod Oblast shipbuilders

05-12-17 Shape Maker is development of the ideology, incorporated in Sea Solution. "Shape Maker and hydrodynamic hull optimization" - see article (rus)

27-11-17 A contract awarded for detailed design of proj. RSD32M dry-cargo vessel to be constructed at Oka Shipyard

17-11-17 roject ST11H Hydrofoil on stream: more photos and video

03-10-17 Coast guard patrol boat "Lamantin" (Project 1496M1) is completed in construction at Vympel Shipyard (Rybinsk, RUS)

Sept 19-22  St.Peterburg  RUSSIA. "NEVA-2017" Exhibition: our stand G5145

02-10-17 We offer to your attention new photos and videos of ships:

-  icebreaker  076,           -  sypply vessel  282,

-  research vessel  185,    -  Mega Yacht  NB-680

-  luxe motors  LM18/25   -  fishing vessel  SC90,

-  fishing vessels  BN128/9, -  trawler yachts  BERING,

-  floating dock  28140

Sept 19-22  St.Peterburg  RUSSIA. "NEVA-2017" Exhibition: Our stand G5145

17-09-17 Presentation of projects elaborated by Sea Tech Ltd. and with our participation - see You Tube

15-09-17 Shape Maker as a further Sea Solution software paradigm - article (rus)

15-08-17 LS17 Motor Yacht on stream - more photos & videos

08-06-17 A delegation from Koden Electronics (Japan) visited Sea Tech Design Bureau

01-06-17 Increasing the capabilities of Cadmatic Marine Design - article (rus)

17-05-17 Pontoon vessels ferry proj.250PP - more photos (rus)

30-04-17 A conceptual design of a new inexpensive small trawler based on a successfully operating vessel has been developed

28-03-17 A novel modularized power-supply floating jetty - article (rus)

15-02-17 Projects elaborated by Sea Tech Ltd. - see YouTube Channel

01-01-17 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

29-12-16 Our Cadmatic-generated computer-elaborated projects (2015-2016) - see the picture

05-12-16 More videos of our projects on stream: 02781, ST23WI,  RSD44,  PG50,  SCV64

15-11-16 Sea Tech Ltd. General Director P.V. Ezhov gives an interview (rus) to "Korabel" e-zine on the occasion of 18 years anniversary

23-09-16 Sea Tech Ltd. accomplished a design on conversion of -137 passwenger vessel into a river cruise yacht (interiors styling, detailed drawings for outfitting, ventilation and air conditioning systems)

20-09-16 A unique shallow-water pontoon ferry system for vessels - article (rus)

09-09-16 Oka Shipyard launched "Penai" firefighting tugboat of Project TG-17 built for Marine Rescue Service

23-06-16 Our congratulations to our designers and yard workers on launching proj. 02781 new vessel!

20-06-16 Landing Craft: True Horizons - article (rus)

07-06-16 Our congratulations to our colleagues at Sosnovka Shipyard and MEB-SPb on launching the lead buoy laying vessel  (Proj. BLV04)

20-05-16 Sea Tech accomplished design documentation on a new generation floating power pontoon for supplying Caspian fleet

17-05-16 A 50-m yacht named "Euphoria" (Project PG50) is completed in construction at Mayra Yachts Yard

07-05-16 Sea Tech designed interiors for a hospitality class river-going yacht

10-04-16 Sea Tech issued documents to customize for Russian requirements a Landing Craft boat built in Malaysia under Icarus Marine Ltd's project

31-03-16 A pontoon system is designed for transferring Proj. TG17 Tug from the yard to deep water

05-02-16 Sea Tech set forward a concept for modernization of existing floating docks (increased capacity and size of vessels taken) based on engineering solutions of Proj. 28140 Dock

01-01-16  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

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