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The Sea Solution is CAD system for shipbuilding. Sea Solution had been developed by the team of Sea Tech ltd. specialists in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.

поверхность построенная в Sea Solution

The Sea Solution is comfortable tool for geometric simulation and design especially for fairing lines and shell plates development.

Graphics Editor:  

menu, unlimited view port, working views, perspective views, named views, 3D-graphics, customizable toolbars, shaded, sections visualization, block and layer operations, blocks tree, surface intersections, 3D volume clipping, online help. You can use the Graphics Editor for creating geometrical model of a ship in interactive mode. You will be able to design hull and superstructure surfaces, define decks, bulkheads, seams and butts.

Group Tools:  

delete, clone, move, rotate, mirror, scale, array, trim, split, explode, extend, fillet, chamfer, offset, smooth, project, object properties, approximation and deviation control.


point, line, rectangle, spline, B-spline, bezier, surface, tangent, arc, size, text, crossing, line cut, surface cut, fillet, rotate, extrude, pipe, profile, offset, webbed.

Data Base:   

object-oriented, undo/redo, hierarchical model, team-work.


numeric input, .x, .y, .z point filters, object, grid, ortho snaps, layers, layer filtering, groups.

Equipment Library

has possibilities to create regular equipment and to use it.


DXF, ASF, IDF, SRF (FastShip), DBG (Intergraph), IGES, STC, VDA-FS, Foran (FORMF), Autokon (DFREG), Autokon (TRACUR), AutoHydro (gf1).


The Sea Solution consist of two main modules: Surface and Shell.



   SURFACE  Module

Formation of a surface of a vessel

Ship's surface definition begins from determination of boundary curves and surfaces. Once defined surface can be easy modified on any projecting phases. The module is able to define hull surfaces for any type of ships, surfaces of superstructures, decks, platforms and bulkheads. The Surface Module is able to create libraries of typical shapes and to use typical elements in new projects.


  • flexible tools for building surfaces of any shape;

  • build in functions for working with surfaces such surface of revolution, surface of stretch, surface of coupling;

  • support of surface changes according to changed contour;

  • affine transformations of blocks and whole hull;

  • hierarchical structure of blocks and operations of moving, rotating, symmetric reflection, etc.;

  • creating surfaces intersection and surface curves;

  • automatized input of data for approximation;

  • automatic and manual approximation of curves and surfaces using offset data;

  • building of equidistant curves and surfaces;

  • flexible tools to control curves and surfaces shape;

  • visual inspection of curve and surface curvature by building sections, rendering surfaces, Gaussian curvature;

  • building of inflection on surface sections;

  • possibilities for storing text information for an object;

  • libraries of predefined surface shapes such as bulbs and etc.;

  • transfer data for hydrostatic calculations;

  • output drawings files such as body lines with frames and stations, shell expansion, decks and stringers lines and etc;

  • offset table;

  • import/export DXF, ASF, IDF, SRF (FastShip), DBG (Intergraph), IGES, STC, VDA-FS, Foran (FORMF), Autokon (DFREG), Autokon (TRACUR), AutoHydro (gf1)




   SHELL Module


This module uses the Surface Module results. The Shell Module is able to create mathematical model of hull structure. Using the module you can define decks, longitudinal and transversal bulkheads, thrusters, anchor pockets, platforms. Then you can create and develop shell plates. Output documentations is tested by long term manufacturing application.


  • mathematically continued model of shell plating for all design stages;

  • hierarchical model of elements of hull structure;

  • parametric linked dependences;

  • possibilities to trace any lines on ship surfaces such as decks and hull intersections, seams, butts and etc.;

  • full set of shell plates output documentations;

  • weight and center of gravity calculation;

  • shell expansion drawing output;

  • shell plates offset table output;

  • export developed plates to DXF





Examples of using...



Download the demo version of the Sea Solution


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