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23-11-10 Congratulations to our colleagues from 'Oka' Shipyard on launching the first proj. RSD44 dry cargo ship 'Kapitan Ruzmankin' (contract design: MEB Odessa, detailed design: Sea Tech Ltd.).

20-11-10 New beautiful pictures in our 'Otrada' river yacht photo gallery.

25-10-10 'Atlas-17M' yacht: detailed design documentation completed and handed over to Customer.

04-10-10 Sea Tech Ltd. presents a unique novel project: Arctic Fueler

08-09-10 One more motor yacht (upgraded project E16) is under construction in Irkutsk.

30-08-10 Congratulations to our friends and partners from Choren D&C on launching "Running On Waves" motor yacht (proj. SCV-64) !

15-08-10 Yet another SMT series steel-hull trawler yacht (proj. SMT-55) launched in China. Our design was made in collaboration with 'Bering Yachts' (USA).

10-08-10 A draft concept of the road interchange near Kanavinsky Bridge (Nizhny Novgorod City) accomplished.

01-05-10 Congratulations to Pyotr V. Ezhov CEO 'Sea Tech Ltd.' on his jubilee.

22-25 Sept. 'NEVA-2009' International Exhibition: Our stand No. R6236 in Pavilion No. 8a.

17-08-09 For sale: A high-speed hovercraft from N-Sitek: unique go-anywhere performance.

17-05-09 A proj. MPC4500 sea-going dry cargo ship launched at ISL Yard (Israel). Sea Tech Ltd. participated in construction design. We congratulate our Choren Design partners on this festive event.  

15-04-09 The Russian River Register approved usage of novel Rods Fem software for analysis of plane framework local strength.

14-04-09  A design accomplished for modernization of 'Yaroslavets' workboat/tug (proj. 376): increased sailing endurance and improved crew comfort.

19-03-09 For sale: Packages of drawings and lofting/construction documents for amateur building of high-speed boat (proj. ST10W) and 'Don' motor yacht.

11-12-08 Photo of SeaTech-designed 'Otrada' riverine motor yacht (proj. ST24HB) is placed in the cover page of all-Russia   "Sudostroenie / Shipbuilding" magazine No.5, 2008. 

 14-08-08 A novel generation yacht riverine motor yacht (proj. ST24HB) launched at Yaroslavl Shipyard. We congratulate all participants in development and construction of the yacht !

20-07-08 'Sea Tech Ltd.' accomplished outfitting of a 34-metre riverine yacht.

15-07-08 Welcome to the novel section of our web site: 'Design Studio'.

01-07-08 We are 10 years old! Congratulations to all our present and past personnel and to our esteemed partners !

10-06-08 : Detailed design accomplished for construction of a 110 m Chemical Tanker at Chkalovsk Yard for RENSEN B.V. (Netherlands).  

10-04-08 We congratulate our colleagues of FRAM Co. on preparing new series-built 'Elan-12' houseboat for "Boats & Yachts" International Exhibition '2008" !

31-03-08 We resumed activities for conversion of 'Yaroslavets' motorboat (proj. 376M) in 'Cotter' version (in team with our colleagues).   

15-02-08 Detailed design documentation on 'Don-20' yacht accomplished and handed over to the Customer.

17-12-07 For sale: A 'Boomer' series motor yacht hull.

05-10-07 We have redesigned and expanded the Russian version of our web site. You are welcome! Thank Ms. Ekaterina Burmistrova for development of software.

25-10-07 'Alpha-SKV' hydrofoil boat (proj. ST11H): Detailed design documentation accomplished and approved by Russian River Register

22-10-07 Base block of a 110 m long Chemical Tanker: detailed drawings delivered to Customer.

12-10-07 A new generation river-going motor yacht (catamaran) proj. ST24HB: performance trials at Yaroslavl Shipyard successfully accomplished.

20-09-07 Sea Tech specialists approbated 'Elan-12' houseboat built at Fram Yard (Volgograd). Good seaworthiness and comfortable living conditions ascertained. 

'Boomer' series motor yacht (proj. ST15): yet another hull launched at 'Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod' Yard (Bor town).

Next river-going container ship's hull (proj. PT-164, Hull No. 606) launched at 'Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod' Yard (Bor town). Hull No. 607 is under construction.

In team with our partners from 'Choren Design & Consulting', we elaborate detailed design of a sea-going dry cargo ship to be built in Israel.    

'Harto' seiner being constructed at Yaroslavl Shipyard for a Norwegian customer: detailed design of hull systems is nearing completion.

24-07-07 Sea Tech experts surveyed construction of SCV sailing vessel at Gdansk Yard (Poland). The customer confirms excellence of SeaTech-issued documentation.

02-07-07 Sea-going container ship 'Deseo' launched at 'Lotos' Yard (Astrakhan).

Preliminary designs and concepts of hovercraft and hydrofoil vehicles elaborated by Sea Tech Ltd.

15-06-07 Sea Tech Ltd. started designs of two coastwise seismographic vessels to be built in India: pontoon destacker (proj. ST9P) and Shooter (proj. ST23).  

Preliminary designs and concepts of various size houseboats for large and small rivers are elaborated by Sea Tech Ltd. 

04-06-04 By the order of Netherlands's company we produced the working documentation for building the barge p.978 for small rivers and channels in Netherlands...

03-06-04 By the order of Gorodets shipyard (the division of Vessel corporation) we produced the working documentation for building the water house...

01-06-04 By the order of Netherlands's company we produced the working documentation for building the barge and tug for small rivers and channels in Netherlands...

10-02-04 The family motor yacht in the yard...

13-01-04 Reconstructing an old boat to the comfortable motor yacht...

09-01-04 Using old draughts we restored documentation for building clipper...

09-01-04 Finished developing the documentation for building the mega-yacht's superstructure...

06-01-04 We finished the project of 13 meters motor boat...

10-10-03 Some practical principles of simulating vessel surfaces with the use of NURBS...

15-09-03 Tatiana Parusheva, the "Sea Tech" marketing manager assigned for practical training in England, to the CEproof company. The main goal of this visit is to acquaint of our English colleagues with "Sea Tech" business and projects, contacts with British ship builders wishing to represent their companies and classification societies in Russian market.

12-06-03 Using the FlowVision system for hydrodynamic calculations...

04-06-03 Finally we finished about 80% of English part of web site. Welcome to see new pages...

02-06-03 Information about new sportfisher is available...

19-05-03 Finished the working project of E16R Motor Yacht...

 05-05-03 Information about new modules of the SeaSolution - NC Editor is available now...

05-05-03 Information about new modules of the SeaSolution - Shell for Converters is available now...

15-11-02 Finished the renovation project of the boat pr.371 (Admiral)

10-11-02 Finished the design-project and documentation development for renovation the boat pr.376 "Yaroslavets" to the classic motor yaht "Kotter"

18-10-02 The new interface had been developed for the "Static" system. New name is the "Sea Hydro"

15-10-02 Developing the modernization project of vessel pr.TC-82 for Holland company.

15-10-02 New design of web site was developed.

01-10-02 Published article
Experience of use the software in shipbuilding.

29-09-02 First versions of modernized software (Sea Solution and Sea Hydro) were passed to Customer - Central Design Office for Vessels on Underwater Wings.

25-09-02 The experience of use the Sea Solution on example of Steelcad Consultants AS company (Norway).

22-09-02 New version of the "Sea Solution" system was developed.

20-09-02 Documentation for manufacture the hull and superstructure of the motor yacht E16 had been passed to Customer.

01-07-02 In cooperation with "Krasnov-Design" company finished the project of modern motor yacht 16.

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