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new hydrofoil catamaran

Project HSC150B

The catamaran of project HSC150B is our further development of multihull vessels with dynamic unloading through the use of hydrofoils.

The lead ship is currently being built at the Vympel Shipyard (Rybinsk city)





The  project "Raznezhie" model range was awarded 2021 Honorable Mention at the European Product Design Award in Transportation /Nautical /Boats.

The construction of these boats has begun in Gorodets 



alfa-120 hydrofoil

Alfa-120 Hydrofoil

Alfa-120 passenger hydrofoil (Project 03830) was awarded the title of the 2020 Winner at the European Product Design Award in Transportation /Nautical /Boats /Professional.

Two vessels are currently being built at the Zelenodolsk plant named after.Gorky



trawler T30B

Small Trawler T30B

Small refrigerated trawler "Vympel" enters the cod fishery in the Barents Sea - see new photos on our website. The project of the T30V trawler was designed by the Sea Tech Ltd. and launched at the Nobel Brothers Shipyard in the fall of 2020



At the Neva-2021 exhibition

Neva-2021 exhibition

Sea Tech Ltd took part in the NEVA-2021, the International Maritime Exhibition. A number of successful negotiations were held with customers and partners, promising projects and cooperation issues were discussed



Cadmatic Marine Design


Sea Tech Ltd. is a regional representative of the world-respected CAD/CAM engineering software for shipbuilding - the Cadmatic system.

We also use this system extensively in design - projects ST23WI, 02781, TG17, BLV04, 50103, 1496M1, PV300VD, RSD32M, T30B, etc.




13-05-22 A ceremonial laying of the vessel of the project HSC150B (a passenger catamaran with hydrofoils) took place at the Vympel Shipyard

04-05-22 Gorodetsk branch of the Sea Tech Ltd started testing the boat "Raznezhie"

04-04-22 It was decided to resume the development of the "K3-Ship" CAD, the author is the Nizhny Novgorod company "GeoS"

March 3-6 Moscow (Rus) "Boat Show 2022". We invite you to visit our exhibition stand № 296 (Hall 4)

01-01-22 Happy New Year!  Card

13-12-21 Sea Tech Ltd. has completed the classification project for the hull of a pleasure catamaran for 130 people. The ship is being built under the supervision of the RRR at one of the private Russian shipyards

30-11-21 We bring to your attention a photo of a new passenger hovercraft

25-10-21 CEO Peter Ezhov spoke to the lecturers and students of the Baku ADDA University on the topic "Using CADMATIC software in the educational process"  >> [Rus]

Sept.21-24 St.Peterburg (Rus) "NEVA-2021". We invite you to visit the exhibition stand № G5089

01-09-21 We congratulate our designers with the honorary prize of the prestigious international competition European Product Design Award with a new project of the Raznezhie model range

30-08-21 Congratulations to the builders and designers on the launch of the lead vessel NE-020.2 [RUS]

21-08-21 Nizhny Novgorod is 800 years young! Card

03-08-21 We see off our friends on a well-deserved rest: beloved, unique, top-class specialists, selflessly devoted for many years to the corps business, wonderful workers - Irina Kotereva, Natalia Kolmogorova, Lyudmila Gordeeva. We will miss you very much. You showed us a high level of skill, we will try to match

11-06-21 Sea Tech continues to develop workshop drawings of an environmentally friendly passenger (150 seats) catamaran on an electric drive

18-03-21 Within the framework of the regional representative office of the Cadmatic Software, the C Tech company is introducing virtual reality into the design work >>

02-03-21 The ceremonial laying of two hulls of the passenger hydrofoil (proj. 03830) for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug took place at the Zelenodolsk plant



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