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  About Us

CEO - Peter V. Ezhov Sea Tech Ltd. was found in Nizhny Novgorod on July 1, 1998 (Reg. No. 987-P) as a Russian-Norwegian joint venture. The company's business areas were: provision of services in the field of shipbuilding and development of high-quality software for solving various shipbuilding problems.

Since its inception, the company took advantage both of the  Norwegian party: a vast experience of Steelcad Consultants А/С – an independent consultancy company renown in shipbuilding markets since 1993, and of the Russian party: know-hows of specialists busy in shipbuilding software markets since 1980s. Since 2004, Sea Tech Ltd. is a solely Russian private company which maintains partnering businesses in Europe.

CEO of Sea Tech Ltd.: Peter V. Ezhov.

The company's headquarters is located in the city of Nizhny Novgorod (former Gorky), known as the "Capital of the Great Volga” and "Crossroads of Russia" at 500 km from Moscow. Nizhny Novgorod is the birthplace of unique submarines, ekranoplans, hydrofoil boats and hovercrafts, dry cargo ships, oil tankers and passenger vessels. A considerable part of our personnel has experience in creating many of these vessels.

Presently, Sea Tech Ltd. renders services in exterior design, engineering and consultancy in shipbuilding matters. Designed by Sea Tech Ltd. are pilot projects and technologies for many Russian builders of motor yachts and houseboats. Except for yachts, the Sea Tech's design department draws as well documentation for many other vessels (self-propelled and non-propelled, cargo- and passenger-carrying, displacement-type and of non-conventional hydrodynamic configurations).     

A noteworthy peculiarity of Sea Tech Ltd. services is use of 3D-modelling in elaboration of workshop drawings and lofting plans for construction of new and modification of existing vessels. To enhance worldwide collaboration, we are energetic in implementation of Nupas-Cadmatic CAD system.

Sea Tech- 25 yearsOver 25 years, Sea Tech LLC has smoothly transformed into a Group of companies surrounded by partner organizations. Currently, the Sea Tech Group includes:

 •  IT & engineering company Sea Tech (1998);
 •  Design Bureau Seatech (2002);
 •  Design Studio (2004);
 •  Academy of Yachts (2021);
 •  Gorodets Detached Subdivision (2020);
 •  St.Petersburg Detached Subdivision (2022).

 Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod


  Our History


1998 — E. Kirkemo and A. Aleksanov create a Russian-Norwegian IT company

1999 — Sea Tech company strengthens the engineering direction

2001 — company's entry into the Russian market

2002 — development of CAD for shipbuilding has begun — К3 Ship

2002 — allocation of the design direction into SeaTech Design Bureau and the formation

            of the Sea Tech Group

2003 — new direction — design and construction of motor yachts

2004 — Sea Tech design studio (Sea Style) began its work 

2005 — 1st full complete design documentation for the building of a motor yacht

2006 — 1st houseboat — Elan'12

2008 — the launch of the iconic Otrada yacht

2009 — creation of a production department

2010 — entry into the market of a complete detailed design documentation

2011 — new direction — design of specialized vessels

2012 — strategic partnership on the  Nupas-Cadmatic (Cadmatic) system

2013 — our project is the winner of the Boatbuilding Project Contest 2013

2014 — 1st full complete design documentation for the building of a floating dock

2015 — development of the direction for the design of passenger hygrofoils

2018 — 1st full complete design documentation for the building of a hovercraft

2019 — 1st full complete design documentation for the building of a trawler

2020 — Sea Tech was awarded the title of the 2020 Winner at the EPDA

2020 — Gorodets Detached Subdivision of Sea Tech Group started to work   

2021 — Sea Tech was awarded 2021 Honorable Mention at the EPDA

2021 — entry of the Academy of Yachts company into the Sea Tech Group

2022 — St. Petersburg Detached Subdivision of Sea Tech Group started to work 



  Our Team


Sea Tech 2013

Our Veterans of Labour

that have been awarded the SeaTech Gold/Silver Badge for high professionalism

and many years of contribution to the formation and development of the company 

Светлана Волкова

Николай Корнейчук Ирина Котерева Наталия Мызина Светлана Солодова

Svetlana Volkova

Nikolay Korneychuk

Irina Kotereva

Natalia Myzina

Svetlana Solodova

Ирина Бурмистрова

Елена Мягкова Олег Ежов Сергей Матвеев

Дмитрий Фадеев

Irina Burmistrova

Elena Myagkova

Oleg Ezhov

Sergey Matveev

Dmitriy Fadeev

Владимир Кирилычев

Надежда Вахмина Эльвира Сазонова Павлов Ю.Н.

Иванов В.Ю.

Vladimir Kirilichev

Nadezhda Vakhmina

Elvira Sazonova

Yuriy Pavlov

Vasiliy Ivanov

Бондаренко А.А.

Курников М.Н. Котерев М.Г. Соколов Д.Б.

Крыночкин В.Ю.

Andrey Bondarenko

Mikhail Kurnikov

Mikhail Koterev

Dmitriy Sokolov

Viktor Krinochkin

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