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Sea Solid  (Ship-K3)

Sea Tech Ltd. has exclusive rights to distribute Ship-K3 system,

provided by the development company - GeoS Center


Набор бульбовой оконечностиSea Solid forms 3d solid models of the shell and other elements of the vessel. The Sea Solid works in a uniform technological chain with Sea Solution and may be used for designers and engineers who project the inner framing of the ship. The theoretical surfaces imports in Sea Solid as a DXF file format.

The generator of working documentation

The system can include a Microsoft Access database adjusted for the concrete user. The data exchange with the graphics editor is carried out through dbf format. This database contains the various tests of a correctness of the assembly, calculation the bill of material, creation the various reports in a Microsoft Word format. Due to storing of the basic design and parts information in the DBF format, system can be easily integrated with the software of shipyard or design bureau.

Tasks, solving by Sea Solid

Sea Solid allows to simplify the work of the engineers, designers and technologists, providing high quality of designing of the ship inner framing adequate to the modern requirements:

The automatic generating of three basic ship-building projections (middle, side, plan) with arrangement constructive spaces on whole length of the shell or on its areas.

Designing and editing the forms and sizes of parts and assembly units of the ship shell, both in structure of uniform model of the shell, and in structure of technological units: section or block-section.

Checking the ability of assembly and geometrical correctness of ship constructions, definition the clearances between parts, definition the volumes of compartments and opportunity to access units and elements of constructions.

Calculating of the "weight-inertial" characteristics, as for all construction as a whole, and any single part, according of various density of materials.

Sleeping accommodation of the equipment, mechanisms, pipelines, etc.

Automatic generating of the specifications, bills of materials, sketches for manufacturing of standard structures and other required working documentation.

Producing of the working documentation (assembly drawings of the sections).


Download the demo version of the Sea Solid

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