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Sea Nest software product is designed to develop cutting lists and command data for gas cutting (plasma) machines. The complex consists of:

UpNest - automated and manual layout of parts.

UpEditor - development and editing of programme control.



The program UpNest perceives drawings of details in format Dxf, thus, drawings of details can be developed in programs Sea Solid, Sea Solution, and in any other program, like ZwCAD, AutoCad, KOMPAS. The program automatically puts out details on sheets of the set format. For "finishing" of an apportionment in the program there is a convenient toolkit of a manual apportionment with considerable degree of automation and the control over observance of rules (distance between details, an indent from edge of sheet).

If necessary, the program can receive data about the parts from the database.



As a result of the program's work, you can get nesting in Dxf format or in the internal system format available for UpEditor program.

The UpEditor is used for developing control programs by ready nesting maps. UpEditor can be used for editing ready-made programs, for transferring programs from one encoding to another and for developing new control programs. To develop new control programs, nesting maps in Dxf format are used.

UpEditor has great possibilities for creating control programs. It is possible to assign combined cut, bridges, crosspieces. There are various ways of correcting the contours of parts (combining very small segments, eliminating arcs of very large radius), assigning cutting allowances (equidistant), obtaining statistics (cutting lengths, number of tubes). If markup codes are included in the control program, the markup route is assigned automatically. The developed control program can be checked for errors (punching on the contour, crossing cuts, etc.).


UpNest & UpEditor are registered in the Russian Software Registry.  Reg. number - 5093

See also -  System Description (RUS, *pdf)

Download the demo version of the SeaNest

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