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Sea HydroThe subsystem uses results from Sea Solution and can make control calculations for hydrostatic, stability, insubmersiability. The subsystem has no limitations for hull shape and for number of input data. The subsystem may be successful used both for typical ships, and multi-shell ships, bore stations and deepwater units.

The main feature of Sea Hydro is high speed and precision of calculations in conjunction with convenient interface, especially when preparing the input data for accommodations, cabins and tanks for insubmersiability and stability calculations. The speed of preparing input data is so high that only for 1 day you can form 50-70 ship's compartments and make all salvage insubmersiability and stability calculations.

The Sea Hydro subsystem has a big choice of variants to form compartments and to build new ones using existent. There all possible categories of compartments sink may be used with automatic changing the category during the ship sink.

Except for standard calculations, needed for classification societies, the subsystem has an additional calculations to forecast the ship's stability on early levels of projecting. Using the calculations data can control stability in different weight loadings.

The subsystem forms weight loading for the ship and automatically draws the weight loading graphs and tables on any projecting stage.


Sea Hydro possibilities:

transmitting geometry data from Sea Solution;

data input from text file in case of geometry model doesn't describe;

interactive modifying the graphics data;

the tool to create and modify compartments;

the full set of compartment categories, with possibility to change automatically the category during calculations;

calculation the theoretical drawing's curve elements;

calculating the Bonjane scale;

calculating the ship seat on still water and consider the wave both damaged and undamaged ship;

calculating the diagram of stability both damaged and undamaged ship;

calculating the tanks parameters;

the other calculating.


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