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  Visit to Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy

Visit to Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy 


On October 15-17, 2019 the Delegation of the Shipbuilding Cluster of Nizhny Novgorod region visited the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (Baku).

It was decided to organize a trip for representatives of "deck" and "electric" directions, as well as companies produce such types of vessels as little known to Azerbaijani colleagues and to future shipbuilding engineers.

Companies in the delegation and topics of presentations:

Fleet - line of hovercraft vessels.

SeaTech - sea hydrofoils, design technologies, philosophy and principles of work performance with equipment manufacturers.

Ship Building Ship Repair - design, manufacture, delivery and maintenance of deck, lifting and crane equipment.

VID - the concept of power supply of the ship, the integrator of all components on sections of the electrician, navigation, communication, automatics. The final product of the integrator is a working system based on its own main switchboards, other electrical distribution devices, and a boatmaster's control panel. The level of modernity and complexity of the tasks to be solved was demonstrated on the basis of unique technical solutions of the power supply system and control of the ship power plant of the Neptune floating dock (proj. 28140)

RNK - broadcast system, installation and adjustment of wheelhouse equipment and the EcoRadar oil spill control and detection system, which is relevant for the Caspian Sea.

SV Sphere - achievements in the field of ship automation on the basis of successfully operating systems of the Neptune floating dock. The hardware and software protection technologies for the dock during the entire docking cycle, starting from the vessel entering the floating dock and setting it on keel blocks, including the operations of submersing, rise and removing the vessel from the dock, have proven their reliability and effectiveness over 5 years of operation.

MRS Electronics - presentation of the whole range of the company's products. Particular interest was aroused by developments in the field of fire protection.

SudoSvet marine lighting manufacturing. The company received a proposal for the supply of lighting equipment for tankers and ferries under construction in Azerbaijan.

The focal point of the presentations was to demonstrate the principle that suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, participating in the design engineering process, significantly reduce the time and improve the quality of projects.

From the news feed on the Academy website (translation from

Guests who came to Baku to discuss cooperation with the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company made interesting presentations for teachers and students of the Academy specializing in ship design.

Petr Ezhov, CEO of Sea Tech Ltd, in his detailed report gave exposure to the history of cooperation with Azerbaijani partners, noting that Sea Tech actively participated in the development of the floating dock "Neptune" for the ASCO.

At present, for the development of various projects with the Caspian Research Institute of Shipping, strong working partnership has been established. Foundation of a new training laboratory of CADMATIC software in ADDA for modern design engineering system is a good example of such cooperation.

It was reported that the enterprises and manufactures of the Shipbuilding Cluster of the Nizhny Novgorod Region produce 60% of the Russian shipbuilding products. In accordance with nowaday trends, the direct participation of manufacturing companies in the design of ships and the supply of project-compatible equipment for the shipyard will speed up the construction process as a whole and reduce the cost of the vessel.

The presentations of heads of companies specializing in this field of shipbuilding were of special interest for students. Guests answered numerous questions and expressed satisfaction from communication with young specialists.

In the course of the meeting with the Academys management were also raised more topics, such as: - development of modern education guidance, stands, simulators and exerciser;  prospects of cooperation between the Marine Academy and Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University and VGUWT, which is also a member of the shipbuilding cluster.

At the end of the visit to Baku, the specialists of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan held a practical seminar and analyzed the technology of joint work on the example of the CADMATIC Marine Solution system, which is approved standard CAD in Azerbaijan.


We profoundly thank the management and administrative office of the Nizhny Novgorod Shipbuilding Cluster for their assistance in organizing the visit.

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SeaTech Ltd. visited the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy

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