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Sea Tech Ltd. offers its services in shipbuilding design, engineering and consultancy and elaborates planning and workshop lofting documentation for construction of various vessels. Besides, we continue to develop and distribute in-Russia CAD/CAMs for shipbuilding industry (Sea Solution, Sea Hydro, Sea Solid etc.).

Sea Tech Ltd.

For more details on projects (ready-built or being on different stages of design work) see section Designing Motor Yachts & Vessels.

In creation of a new vessel, Sea Tech Ltd. can participate in various missions: from developing a conceptual design to elaborating detailed documentation alongside with yard management and subsequent engineering support for construction work.

In other words, we take the orders both for the whole design cycle for the vessel passing through all project stages starting from the concept, and for case-study design and/or styling work. These activities can be subdivided into the following scopes: 

  • Software development of necessary software (Sea Solution, Sea Hydro, Sea Solid, Shell Con and other), distribution to users and users training (Nupas-Cadmatic).

  • Design & Styling design of exteriors and basic layout of boats and motor yachts, advertising designs etc.

  • Naval Architecture development of drafts (concept designs) and technical (classification) projects for vessels of different types and purposes.

  • Engineering development of workshop construction documentation and submitting it for approval to supervisory bodies; authorship supervision on new building or refitting of various vessels.

  • Shipbuilding arrangement of construction, installation and outfitting of boats, motor yachts, houseboats etc.

  • Consulting - consulting services in naval architecture and shipbuilding.

Besides, we offer our services in specific procedures:

  • Fairing mathematical modelling of vessel's surfaces for both design work and construction.

  • Lofting - modelling of parts of case building and pipelines on the basis of the documentation of the engineering design or block assembly drawings.

  • Nesting - development of metal cutting files and issue of CNC programmes for thermal cutting machines of any type.

  • Design calculations - calculations on ship theory and strength, calculations for selecting the equipment etc.

  • 3D-modelling and rendering - making a 3D model and its visualization for getting a realistic image of the exteriors of the future vessel or other object.   

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