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transport docks

Projects  20360P, 250PP

Conceptual & detailed design

транспортный док
Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug
 < for proj. 20360
Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug
 < for proj. TG17
Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug Launch tug
 < for ship of 42 m

The first unique project of the pontoon system (transport dock of the project 20360P) for transporting the vessel was developed by the specialists of Sea Tech in 2009.

The unloading pontoon system consisting of two pontoons connected by rods (each with dimensions 46.2x6.0x3.75) for the vessel with displacement of approx. 1500 t (20360, pr.) ensured the draft of the "ship-pontoon" complex within the limits of the vessel's stroke limitation (1.8 m). The project was confirmed by the Russian River Register. The project was carried out by inland waterways, which belonged to the category "L" (Oka River).

Project 20360P

1) The project scope was completed:

- Calculations of the stability and strength of the pontoon-vessel system when placing the vessel on pontoons and trasportation;

- technologies for setting up and launching the ship from pontoons;

- hauling and unhitching schemes of the vessel on pontoons;

- The WDD to manufacture a pontoon system.

2) The uniqueness of this complex is that:

- The ship is mounted on pontoons with its weight without the need to weld the technological braces to the hull of the vessel;

- for setting the vessel on pontoons, sufficient water depth is only 0.4 m more than the draught of the vessel;

- asymmetrical pontoons are connected by a system of "flexible connection" type, which gives both mobility and rigidity of the whole structure at the same time;

- The ship is placed on wooden kiloblocks, which allows the pontoon system to be universal enough for ships with different shapes.

In 2016, this pontoon system, with minor modifications, allowed for transportation of a deep-sea tugboat with a displacement of approx. 500 t (proj. TG17) from the water area of the Oka Shipyard for deep water.

In 2016-17, the following modification of the pontoon system was developed and constructed - the 250PP project - for the transfer of a vessel with a displacement of 240 tons. Dimensions of the vessel LWT=42x8x2.5, dimensions of one pontoon LVN=34.8x5.6x4.4

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