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01/01-23 Happy New Year!  Card

11/18-22 The 1st stage of testing a new passenger hydrofoil vessel "Alfa-120" (project 03830) was completed  >>

11/16-22 Congratulations on the birthday of Aleksanov Alexander Valentinovich - the founder of "Sea Tech", the creator of wonderful CAD systems - APIRS, Sea Solution and their modern version - Shape Maker

14-11-22 Pilot boats of ST23WI project in operation - photo

11-11-22 Successful tests and state registration of the lead boat " Raznezhie-7" took place

10-11-22 New concept project of a high-speed passenger catamaran  >>

02-11-22 News from the shipyard about the ship of project HCS150B  >>

26-09-22 Sea Tech Company at Seafood Expo  >>

Sept.21-23 St.Peterburg. V Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia.  We invite you to visit our  booth V12 (Pav. H)

04-08-22 River yachts of our projects - years later - photo

03-08-22 We are glad to welcome colleagues from our new branch in St. Petersburg  - photo

28-07-22 Sea Tech Ltd became a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Nizhny Novgorod Region - photo

18-07-22 A memorandum of cooperation was signed at Vympel Shipyard within the framework of the visit of the Executive Director of ICARUS Marine Mr. Gunther Migeotte (our old friend and partner)

29-06-22 Congratulations to all those involved in the launch of the lead ship of project 03830 >> [Rus]

31-05-22 Sea Tech in "Vesti-Privolzhye" TV news  >> [Rus]

13-05-22 A ceremonial laying of the vessel of the project HSC150B (a passenger catamaran with hydrofoils) took place at the Vympel Shipyard

04-05-22 Gorodetsk branch of the Sea Tech Ltd started testing the boat "Raznezhie"

04-04-22 It was decided to resume the development of the "K3-Ship" CAD, the author is the Nizhny Novgorod company "GeoS"

March 3-6 Moscow (Rus) "Boat Show 2022". We invite you to visit our exhibition stand 296 (Hall 4)

01-01-22 Happy New Year!  Card

13-12-21 Sea Tech Ltd. has completed the classification project for the hull of a pleasure catamaran for 130 people. The ship is being built under the supervision of the RRR at one of the private Russian shipyards

25-10-21 CEO Peter Ezhov spoke to the lecturers and students of the Baku ADDA University on the topic "Using CADMATIC software in the educational process"  >> [Rus]

30-11-21 We bring to your attention a photo of a new passenger hovercraft

25-10-21 CEO Peter Ezhov spoke to the lecturers and students of the Baku ADDA University on the topic "Using CADMATIC software in the educational process"  >> [Rus]

25-09-21 Sea Tech Ltd took part in the NEVA-2021, the International Maritime Exhibition. A number of successful negotiations were held with customers and partners, promising projects and cooperation issues were discussed   >> [Rus]

Sept.21-24 St.Peterburg (Rus) "NEVA-2021". We invite you to visit the exhibition stand G5089

European Product Design Award 01-09-21 We congratulate our designers with the honorary prize of the prestigious international competition European Product Design Award with a new project of the Raznezhie model range

30-08-21 Congratulations to the builders and designers on the launch of the lead vessel NE-020.2 [RUS]

03-08-21 We see off our friends on a well-deserved rest: beloved, unique, top-class specialists, selflessly devoted for many years to the corps business, wonderful workers - Irina Kotereva, Natalia Kolmogorova, Lyudmila Gordeeva. We will miss you very much. You showed us a high level of skill, we will try to match

21-08-21 Nizhny Novgorod is 800 years young! Card

11-06-21 Sea Tech continues to develop workshop drawings of an environmentally friendly passenger (150 seats) catamaran on an electric drive

18-03-21 Within the framework of the regional representative office of the Cadmatic Software, Sea Tech is introducing virtual reality into the design work >>

02-03-21 The ceremonial laying of two hulls of the passenger hydrofoil (proj. 03830) for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug took place at the Zelenodolsk plant

26-01-21 The ceremony of signing a contract for the construction of two passenger hydrofoils of the project 03830 between Zelenodolsk Shipyard, Severrechflot and Mashpromleasing

01-01-21 Happy New Year!  Card

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