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Sept.17-20 St.Peterburg (Russia) "NEVA-2019". We invite you to visit the exhibition stand 1288

July, 8-11. Ekaterinburg (Russia) On occasion of INNOPROM-2019, we hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our stall (1B5-130) at the exhibition

01-07-19 Sea Tech Birthday. Photo

04-06-19 We've gotten a thankful citation from our parners for developed pontoon ferrying system. That pontoons were used in tranporting another vessel with the lowest value of the navigable depth.  Photo

20-05-19 Update EBrus (longitudinal strength vessel calculation software) V2.0 was granted a certificate of approval by RRR 

09-05-19 Happy Victory Day! 

20-04-19 The first article of the cycle on the book by A. Aleksanov, dedicated to the creation of ship surfaces  >>

24-03-19 Welcome to Sea Tech Inatagram  >>

01-01-19 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

13-12-18 Congratulations to the designers and shipyard workers with the launch of the new dry-cargo ship of Project  RSD32M (rus) 

13-11-18 The concept of a river bus (rus) for year-round operation on the Moscow River has been developed

05-11-18 Our Turkish partners and friends Naval Yachts company from Antalya completed the construction a new shipyard. The shipyard will be specialised for construction of new line of the ecological yacht (electric and hybrid) under GreeNaval trade mark

10-10-18 Sea Tech Design Bureau presented sketch studies of a new cruise passenger ship for Siberian rivers on a generalized technical specification of shipowners and shipping companies of the region.  Plans

25-09-18 The contract project of the maritime passenger hovercraft is completed and transferred to the customer - see proj. ST350 (rus)

30-08-18 Gorodets Shipyard (now PAO "SSK") celebrates its 100 years anniversary. Congratulations with all our hearts to our friends, colleagues and partners!  Photo

08-08-18 A design of novel 'Lobster' type sea-going boat for recreation and fishing is underway. Main particulars and exterior views are now available - plan

05-08-18 We present a consumer-grade motor yacht (proj. NS18Y, rus) converted from the series-built hydrographic boat project

01-07-18  20 Years Anniversary

18-06-18 P.V. Ezhov at live broadcasting on "Shipping on Volga" television (NNTV rus) >>

10-06-18 New VGUVT's structure department (Innovation Center) start up this year. The head of the new R&D structure became Petr Ezhov, head of the "Sea Tech Ltd." engineering company. About (rus)

22-05-18 Oka Shipyard laid keel of proj. RSD32M (rus) dry-cargo vessel. Detailed design was by a group of design bureaus (GCKB Rechflot, Profile, Marine Partners) elaborated under the supervision of Sea Tech Ltd.

09-05-18  Happy Victory Day!

03-05-18 Sea Tech Design Bureau commenced detailed design of RSD79 project bulk carriers

15-03-18 New opportunities of high-speed catamarans -see article (rus)

01-01-18 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

18-12-17 New CAD-CAM users of 2017 - see ref.

07-12-17 Sea Tech Ltd. presented its activity at meting of China business representatives with Nizhny Novgorod Oblast shipbuilders

05-12-17 Shape Maker is development of the ideology, incorporated in Sea Solution. "Shape Maker and hydrodynamic hull optimization" - see article (rus)

27-11-17 A contract awarded for detailed design of proj. RSD32M dry-cargo vessel to be constructed at Oka Shipyard

17-11-17 roject ST11H Hydrofoil on stream: more photos and video

03-10-17 Coast guard patrol boat "Lamantin" (Project 1496M1) is completed in construction at Vympel Shipyard (Rybinsk, RUS)

Sept 19-22  St.Peterburg  RUSSIA. "NEVA-2017" Exhibition: our stand G5145

02-10-17 We offer to your attention new photos and videos of ships:

-  icebreaker  076,

-  sypply vessel  282,

-  research vessel  185,

-  Mega Yacht  NB-680

-  luxe motors  LM18/25

-  fishing vessel  SC90,

-  fishing vessels  BN128/9,

-  trawler yachts  BERING,

-  floating dock  28140

Sept 19-22  St.Peterburg  RUSSIA. "NEVA-2017" Exhibition: Our stand G5145

17-09-17 Presentation of projects elaborated by Sea Tech Ltd. and with our participation - see You Tube

15-09-17 Shape Maker as a further Sea Solution software paradigm - article (rus)

15-08-17 LS17 Motor Yacht on stream - more photos & videos

08-06-17 A delegation from Koden Electronics (Japan) visited Sea Tech Design Bureau

01-06-17 Increasing the capabilities of Cadmatic Marine Design - article (rus)

17-05-17 Pontoon vessels ferry proj.250PP - more photos (rus)

09-05-17  Happy Victory Day!

30-04-17 A conceptual design of a new inexpensive small trawler based on a successfully operating vessel has been developed

28-03-17 A novel modularized power-supply floating jetty - article (rus)

15-02-17 Projects elaborated by Sea Tech Ltd. - see YouTube Channel

01-01-17 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

29-12-16 Our Cadmatic-generated computer-elaborated projects (2015-2016) - see the picture

05-12-16 More videos of our projects on stream: 02781, ST23WI,  RSD44,  PG50,  SCV64

15-11-16 Sea Tech Ltd. General Director P.V. Ezhov gives an interview (rus) to "Korabel" e-zine on the occasion of 18 years anniversary

23-09-16 Sea Tech Ltd. accomplished a design on conversion of -137 passwenger vessel into a river cruise yacht (interiors styling, detailed drawings for outfitting, ventilation and air conditioning systems)

20-09-16 A unique shallow-water pontoon ferry system for vessels - article (rus)

09-09-16 Oka Shipyard launched "Penai" firefighting tugboat of Project TG-17 built for Marine Rescue Service

23-06-16 Our congratulations to our designers and yard workers on launching proj. 02781 new vessel!

20-06-16 Landing Craft: True Horizons - article (rus)

07-06-16 Our congratulations to our colleagues at Sosnovka Shipyard and MEB-SPb on launching the lead buoy laying vessel  (Proj. BLV04)

17-05-16 A 50-m yacht named "Euphoria" (Project PG50) is completed in construction at Mayra Yachts Yard

20-05-16 Sea Tech accomplished design documentation on a new generation floating power pontoon for supplying Caspian fleet

17-05-16 A 50-m yacht named "Euphoria" (Project PG50) is completed in construction at Mayra Yachts Yard

09-05-16  Happy Victory Day!

07-05-16 Sea Tech designed interiors for a hospitality class river-going yacht

10-04-16 Sea Tech issued documents to customize for Russian requirements a Landing Craft boat built in Malaysia under Icarus Marine Ltd's project

31-03-16 A pontoon system is designed for transferring Proj. TG17 Tug from the yard to deep water

05-02-16 Sea Tech set forward a concept for modernization of existing floating docks (increased capacity and size of vessels taken) based on engineering solutions of Proj. 28140 Dock

01-01-16  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Card

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