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Dry-cargo ship

Project  RSD 44

Detailed design

Dry-cargo ship RSD44


dek plans


photo from yard

photo of details

final photo



Ship spaces

Wheelhouse at bow, auxiliary machinery space at bow,  E.D.G. room,  two suites (for captain and chief engineer), seven two-berth crewmen cabins with WCs, office, mess room, galley, laundry, workshop, ship storages etc

Hull Structure

Hull is fabricated of category 'B' shipbuilding steel. Ice strake and top plating of hatch side coamings: category 'D' and 'D40' steel. Inner bottom and inner sides pass over the entire hold length. The inner bottom plating is suitable for clamshell grab operation. The hull is subdivided into 7 watertight portions and is longitudinally framed but combination-framed at ends. Frame spacing: 600 mm and 550 mm at hull ends.

Standard Outfit

Schottel type 120 kW bow thruster;

2 Schottel type all-round rudder-propeller units;

2 Hall's bow anchors (2000 kg each) and one Hall's stern anchor (1500 kg);

windlass and capstan by DMT / Adria Winch;

4 -10 life rafts;

a 6-seat rescue boat;

an electrical davit (1.5 ton @ 3.5 m)

BIP type modular interior lining;  

insettable WCs in cabins;

lowering masts (fore and aft); 

'piggyback' type watertight cargo hatch covers;

2 65 kN / 7.5 kW electric winches for cargo hatch covers;

2 WARTSILA 6L20 main engines (1200 kW each @ 1000 r.p.m.);

2 VOLVO PENTA D9 MG KC diesel-generators (184 kW each, 400V 50Hz);

VOLVO PENTA D5AT emergency diesel-generator (62 kW, 400V 50Hz);

AALBORG type 300 kW thermal fluid boiler;   

Primary Ship Systems:

- ballast / bilge system;

- oily water system;

- water- and aerosol fire-extinguishing system;  

- domestic water supply system;

- waste water and sewage system;

- deck drainage system;  

- hot water and electric heating systems;

- general ventilation and air conditioning system;

- air and sounding pipes;

- hydraulic system for cargo hatch covers and lowering masts.



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